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Dog Grooming

Pet Salon and Spa offers the fine art of dog hygiene care in a safe, low-stress, gentle environment.

Dogs Fluffy and Happy
Dogs Fluffy and Happy

Pet Salon & Spa

BreedAbove’s Pet Salon features state of the art grooming equipment and a custom built bathing area designed for safety. Our experienced salon staff is trained in gentle, stress-free handling and procedures. Your pet will be treated with absolute kindness in a low stress environment. We use natural products and have a wide variety of special shampoos and conditioners for all skin and hair types. We offer the PlaqClnz teeth cleaning and breath freshening service that does not require anesthesia and is very gentle. Ask how we can help your dog have clean teeth and fresh breath. We offer other salon services to help your dog look, smell and feel their best all using natural products. Our paw & pad treatment and our all natural ear flush service are client favorites.