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Dog Boarding

NightStay® Hotel Suites offers concierge care 24 hours a day with comfortable suites and custom beds.

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NightStay® Hotel Program

BreedAbove’s NightStay® Hotel Program offers many sleeping options to best fit each guest’s needs. Our suites are spacious and comfy with a raised bed, pillows and blankets. We provide 24 hour care with our onsite NightStay® concierge who monitors our guests throughout the night. We strive to create a home like atmosphere in a very professional environment by offering cuddle time options, bedtime snacks, aroma therapy, calming sound machines, and movies. We offer a unique slumber party option for well socialized dogs who enjoy the companionship of their furry friends at night. Special feeding, diet restrictions, mobility concerns, and medication administration are no problem for our 24-hour knowledgeable and loving staff. Our NightStay® Hotel Program includes elimination walks every two hours during the day and as needed overnight. DayStay® or DayCamp® approved guests may participate in the program at a discounted rate during their stay. We also offer private play time for guests that would rather spend one on one time with our staff or enjoy extra cuddle time overnight.

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BreedAbove Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point. And every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay. Entry into the rewards program is automatic.  Learn More >