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Dog Boarding
Boarding Add - Ons
Add Daycare$11
Add DayCamp$16
Private Play$35 / hour
Cuddle Package$12-$18
DayPlay Program
Half Day DayStay$25
DayStay 5 Pass$170
DayStay 10 Pass$330
DayStay 20 pass$590
DayCamp Single Day$45
DayCamp 5 pass$215
DayCamp 10 pass$420

Dog Grooming
Dental Base Cleaning$50
Dental Cleaning Gel$25
Nail trim/Grind$20
Ear Flush$20
Brush Outs$20 - $40
Bathing & GroomingCall for price
DogLife Training
Private On-Site$85
Private Off Site w/i 10 miles$95
4 hour Package$350
Group ClassesCall for details
Stay & TrainCall for details

Off Hours Reception
Off Hours Reception
Within 1 hour of open/close$25, 5 Pass for $75
Greater than 1 hour of open/close$55, 5 pass for $125
Holiday check in or out$75