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New Clients

Steps to become a BreedAbove kid:

  1. Review the BreedAbove policies below. Please make sure you understand the attendance policies and proper vaccinations required. Every NightStay, DayStay, and DogLife participant and guest must fill out the client Application in entirety.

  2. Check with your Veterinarian to ensure you have the proper vaccinations. Vaccination paperwork may be sent to [email protected]

  3. If you want your furry one to join the DayStay Program (dog playgroup and learning environment) you must set up a Temperament Evaluation appointment. Every dog that joins the DayStay program must past the Temperament Evaluation.

  4. If you haven't visited Breed Above in over 6 months a new Temperament Evaluation may be required.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry kids!


Everything we do at BreedAbove is focused on providing the highest quality services and great customer care. We look at each dog as an individual and do our absolute best to provide a safe, clean and loving environment that best suits their needs.


DayStay & DayCamp Program® Attendance

Every dog must pass a temperament evaluation to join our group play options. All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered to participate in DayStay. DayStay Program attendance is not required for hotel guests.

As of August 1st, 2018: BreedAbove will require Canine Influenza Vaccine against both H3N2 and H3N8 virus strains. New clients have 60 days to complete the series. 

NightStay Hotel® Attendance

All dogs must be able to be walked safely, in and out of a hotel suite, on a lead, by a Coach. You agree to disclose the temperament history of your dog. A temperament test is not required for hotel guests that do not join the DayStay Program®. However, if this is the case we must meet your dog prior to their first stay with us to ensure they can be walked safely in and out of hotel suite. If we find your dog to be human aggressive, we may ask you to pick up your dog to find other arrangements as we must ensure the safety of our staff.

Pet Salon and Spa Attendance

If your dog is overly anxious to receive salon services, we may suggest calming supplements and calming techniques to help with these situations. We do not use force grooming practices. If your dog becomes human aggressive we reserve the right to stop salon services to ensure the safety of our staff. Regular fees will apply in these situations.


Every dog that comes into our facility must have proper vaccinations and not have any communicable diseases. If you are unsure of your dog’s health status you should contact your veterinarian. BreedAbove requires 48 hours between administering vaccinations and coming on site.

BreedAbove requires that the following vaccinations be valid:

Rabies: We accept one, three and five year expiration dates, only from a licensed veterinarian.

DHLPP: Distemper, Hepatitus, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. We accept one, three and five year expiration dates from a licensed veterinarian or a certified veterinarian technical assistant.

Bordetella: Bordetella vaccination is required annually from a licensed veterinarian or a certified veterinarian technical assistant. We strongly suggest your dog receive the Bordetella vaccination every six months. If you are planning a hotel stay and your dog is approaching the end of their annual vaccination date, we strongly suggest your dog get the vaccination prior to their stay.

Negative Fecal Test: If your dog has active digestive issues they should stay home. Because digestive issues can occur quickly, we do not require a six-month fecal test. However, if your dog has digestive issues while on site with us we may require a negative fecal test from your veterinarian before returning to BreedAbove.

As of August 1st, 2018: BreedAbove will require Canine Influenza Vaccine against both H3N2 and H3N8 virus strains.

There are two separate vaccinations that may reduce the severity of the symptoms and the time your dog has symptoms. A vaccination now exists that covers both of the Canine Influenza virus strains, H3N2 and H3N8. The vaccination may not prevent infection altogether, but it seems to significantly reduce the severity and duration of illness in many dogs. Currently, recommendations are to give the Canine Influenza vaccination initially in two separate doses three weeks apart (your dog will need a booster approximately three weeks after the first vaccination) and then annually going forward.

Vaccination Allergies

It is rare that dogs have allergic reactions to vaccinations, but it can happen. For these dogs and seniors we will accept titers for all vaccines except Bordetella. You should contact your veterinarian for further information. 

The Runny Ickies

If your dog develops diarrhea at home we suggest you keep them home to make sure they are feeling their best before coming in to attend the DayStay Program®.

We strongly suggest that any time your dog develops diarrhea (anything from a soft stool to watery consistency) that you take a stool sample to your vet for analysis. We do not require a negative fecal test as a routine every six months. However, we may, at any time, require that your dog has a negative fecal test result if your dog develops diarrhea during a visit with us.

K9 Cough

If your dog has a cough please keep them home. If your dog is being treated for K9 Cough (formerly known as kennel cough), please finish all medications from your veterinarian. We ask that a dog be cough-free for a minimum of five days before returning to BreedAbove.

K9 Cough is basically a common, self-limiting cold virus in dogs. It is more common during the changing temperatures in the fall and spring, similar to human cold and flu seasons. Dogs can get it anywhere, not just in kennels or daycare environments. Not every dog will get it and there is no way to predict which dog will get it and which ones won’t. K9 Cough is often spread at dog parks because there is often little or no sanitation, no health screening and no vaccination enforcement for dogs that attend these areas. It is always a good preventative to only allow your dog to play with known dogs or attend a facility like BreedAbove where these policies are consistently upheld.

It is an airborne cold virus that can be contagious to other dogs. It may present as a random cough at first and then might develop into a runny nose or more regular coughing. Most dogs will feel better in a few days but some veterinarians may prescribe antibiotics to prevent worsening symptoms. We always suggest you check with your veterinarian if your dog presents a cough and follow their instructions. Again, if your dog has a cough please keep them home.

If a dog presents a cough while on site we will immediately remove that dog from common areas and isolate in a comfortable area away from other dogs and parents will be notified. If a dog develops a cough while a NightStay Hotel guest, the dog will be isolated in a comfortable area and parents be notified to discuss next steps.

K9 Cough affects dogs randomly. No one can predict which dog will get it and there is no vaccine that is 100% effective. However, medical professionals tell us that dogs that do receive the Bordetella vaccine and still contract K9 Cough typically recover more quickly and suffer less symptoms of the virus.

If we suspect a dog has a cough, BreedAbove staff immediately follows a stringent cleaning, special sanitizing and disinfecting protocol. Additionally, all water bowls throughout the facility are immediately removed and switched with clean ones to lower the risk.

We feel that the risk of your dog contracting K9 Cough are small in comparison to the negative effects of isolating them from proper socialization.

If your dog has a weakened immune system we suggest getting the Bordetella vaccination every six months as a precaution.

The White Bumpies

Every dog is inspected upon arrival. We look for bumps, scratches and any anomalies. Dogs with white bumps around the inside or outside of their mouth should stay home. These bumps are called viral papillomas, also called puppy warts as they are common in puppies under the age of two. These can be contagious as puppies always play with mouths open!

Puppy warts are self-limiting and typically disappear in a week to three months. Some veterinarians may subscribe antibiotics and some will cauterize or remove. We require that bumps are not present to participate in the DayStay Program®. We may ask you to come pick up your pup if we find these white bumpies.

Pickup and Drop Off

Standard Reception Hours

For your convenience, standard reception hours are Monday through Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm.

Please check in to the NightStay Hotel no later than 6pm Monday through Friday and 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Off-hours Pick Up and Drop Off

The following fees will apply to off-hours check in or check out.Off-hours hotel check out requires a pre-pay with a credit card.

General policy for off-hour pick up or drop off is as follows:

  • $25 fee within one hour of standard reception hours

  • $55 fee for pick up or drop off beyond that. To clarify, please call for details.

Packages are available for frequent off hours reception needs. Please call for details

Reception is closed on holidays. Check in or check out is only available for $75 fee plus standard holiday hotel rates. (Coaches and hotel staff are on site 24 hours a day, but reception is closed.)

Off Hours Reception

We know that your schedule may not allow for drop off or pick up during our regular business hours. We offer a variety of off hours reception options and packages to work with our clients’ busy lives.

General Inquiries: [email protected]

Vaccines and Scheduling: [email protected]

DogLife Dog Training: [email protected]

NightStay Hotel Suite® Reservation Deposit

All NightStay Hotel Suite reservations require a one night, non-refundable deposit due at the time of the reservation. Please understand that if you cancel your reservation the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other services. The $55 deposit will be applied to the balance of the bill at the end of the hotel stay.

Holiday Reception Hours


Memorial Day - Closed

Independence Day - Closed

Labor Day - Closed

Day before Thanksgiving - 7 am - 3 pm

Thanksgiving - Closed

Christmas Eve - 7 am - Noon

Christmas Day - Closed

New Years Eve - 7 am - Noon

New Years Day - Closed