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Dog looking up with paw print floor

About Us

Our Priority

BreedAbove is focused on providing 100% customer service. We look at each dog as an individual and cater to each one’s needs. Let us know how we can help you with your furry kids!

Our #1 Mission

Safety is the #1 mission in everything we provide at BreedAbove. From the Pet Salon and Spa to the DayStay Program to the NightStay Hotel Suites, BreedAbove provides excellency in the leadership, staff and facility design to create the highest quality dog services ever established in the industry. Located on Ann Arbor’s popular West Side it is conveniently located to I94 and is just 1.5 miles from downtown Ann Arbor. We even provide transportation if you need it.

We Are Certified!

Dog with Tennis Ball in Mouth

Safety in Staff Training

BreedAbove provides staff training that teaches our team to understand dog behavior, how to recognize dog body language and group behaviors. We choose positive reinforcement-based techniques to encourage positive behaviors rather than invasive corrective procedures. 

Safety in Policies and Procedures

Every dog is required to pass a BreedAbove temperament test in order to join the DayStay Program. There is no fee for the testing. The temperament test covers basic human to dog interactions, resource guarding levels and dog to dog interactions. (The temperament test is not required for NightStay Hotel guests that do not join the DayStay Program. The DayStay Program is an optional daily activity for our hotel guests. We also offer Private Playtime for hotel guests that do not socialize with other dogs).

dogs in play area inside Breed Above

Safety in Sanitation

We do our absolute best to keep a clean facility and strive to keep contagions out. Floors, interior fences and common areas are cleaned and sanitized every night. NightStay Hotel Suites are sanitized and linens washed in between each guest for a clean and comfy place to sleep.

Safety in Facility Design

BreedAbove’s facility was designed with safety as a priority. Interior partitions are transparent to provide a full view of all activity and have soft mesh material to allow dogs to run into them without getting hurt. Several layers of gates and barriers allow safety on the interior. Exterior perimeter fencing is approximately 8’ tall and is attached to the building for access to the outdoor play areas.

BreedAbove’s Pet Salon includes an open bathing trough that allows dogs to feel comfortable for their bath. A walk up step allows them to walk in to the tub as opposed to being in a noisy steel tub surround.