Pet Salon & Spa

the fine art of dog hygiene care in a safe, low-stress, gentle environment

BreedAbove’s Pet Salon and Spa provides the highest quality standard in certified dog hygiene care. Services are individually priced. Let us know how we can help we have may services to help you care for your furry friend.

Standard Salon Treatment

Custom designed stairs lead into a mosaic tiled bathing area. Your dog is pampered with a pre-bath massage and a gentle jet stream of warm water that loosens dirt and detangles coats. We also offer pre-groom anti-anxiety massages for our special kids. If your dog is overly anxious for salon procedures we can suggest calming supplements that work! For anxious kids, please read our salon policies regarding temperament.

BreedAbove stylists offer the appropriate shampoo for your dog’s unique needs. We only use hypoallergenic, all-natural shampoos. After the deep cleaning and soothing water massage, a high quality coat conditioner is applied to give your dog’s natural fur unbeatable shine and softness.

Your pet’s pedicure is included in the bath fee. It starts with a deep pad scrubbing and all the little areas in between each pad. Each pad is individually scrubbed and trimmed for super-clean feet. Nail trimming includes clipping or grinding whatever your dog likes best. Our certified salon staff takes a gentle approach to prevent clipper accidents, nail splits or cracking and keeps the nail and nail bed healthy. If your dog has cracked or split pads please ask about our Paw and Pad Treatment.

No one wants to talk about expressing anal glands despite how important it is. You can be assured we express your dog’s anal glands at every bath so you never have to ask. Following the bath we deep dry coats all the way to the skin to prevent possible bacteria buildup. Let our stylists give your dog a brush out and deshedding, just the way you want it.

Our standard salon treatment does not include haircuts or trimming. We are not currently offering full body or breed-specific haircuts.

Paw and Pad Treatment

Open sores on dogs feet are the first path to infection. Our premium Paw and Pad Treatment deep cleans each pad to help heal and seal the surface of their pads. This is especially important during the winter months as wet, cold and snow in combination with salty sidewalks can hurt even the toughest pads.

The treatment starts with a specially formulated shampoo made just for dogs feet. Pads are scrubbed gently with a pumice-like surface to shed dead skin. Once all pads are scrubbed and rinsed dogs are led to a massage area where Mushers Secret will be gently massaged into each pad. Two coats will be applied. This product is used to seal the surface of the skin. 

Healthy Ears Treatment

Does your dog have itchy, irritated, greasy or smelly ears? Furry ears are a magnet for dirt dust and debris. We have several ear cleaning methods that are unique to each type of dog. Need an ear wash? We use an all natural soothing ear rinse made of Chamomile, Yucca and Clove Oil for a gentle, yet effective, ear cleaning if necessary.

The Weekly Brush Out

Life gets busy sometimes and it can be difficult to find an hour to brush out your dogs coat. Mats and knots can form quickly and left unattended can hurt the surface on your dogs skin. Talk to us about how we can help with a weekly brush out. It will extend the time between haircuts and baths. Priced individually.

Tear Stain Facial

We use a special treatment that contains blueberry ingredients that will lessen the appearance of tearstains. It is gently applied to the area and is safe to use around eyes. Depending on the level of the staining three to four applications are expected to remove a significant amount of staining. Fees are based single applications. Priced individually.

PlaqClnz® Teeth Cleaning Treatment

Fresh Breath in Just 30 Seconds! PlaqClnz® process and solution is formulated as pre-treatment for pet’s teeth prior to a non-anesthesia cleaning procedure with PlaqClnz® Oral Irrigator built in to our plumbing system. PlaqClnz® solution goes to the bacterial source to help reduce plaque and tarter that cause bad breath. With regular use, PlaqClnz® will melt away the build up on your dog’s teeth resulting in a healthy mouth. We offer a base cleaning procedure and PlaqClnz® gel product that is producing wonderful results. Ask about PlaqClnz® today!
BreedAbove offers the highest standards in the pet grooming industry.

Our salon team brings the fine art of dog hygiene care in a safe, low-stress, gentle environment that pampers your dog in comfort, quality and style.