NightStay Hotel Suites®

BreedAbove takes overnight care to a higher level.

Our Concierge Monitors Your Furry One Throughout the Night

Each hotel suite is an individual, enclosed room that features a custom made bed that has an innerspring mattress, pillows, comforters, rugs and raised feeders. Our state of the art Energy Recovery Ventilation system cleans the air in each suite of the hotel and the entire facility. Each suite is fully heated and cooled to provide a comfortable temperature for sleeping.

The goal is quiet! The NightStay Hotel Concierge monitors each guest every 20 minutes to ensure a good night’s sleep for all. Anxious or nervous kids are immediately given attention and barking during the night is minimized so that all will sleep well.

There are eight flatscreen tvs mounted on the wall in the center of the hotel. NightStay Hotel guests are treated to snacks and a movie every night, creating a comfortable, home-like environment in a very professional setting. When it’s time for sleep the flicker of light from the movie and the background noise helps our guests feel right at home.

We welcome you to bring your dog’s bed, favorite toy or blanket from home. We can also remove linens if your dog likes to turn them into toys!

Specialized Care

We have a very high level of monitoring throughout your dog’s stay. Each meal is tracked as appetite is sometimes a challenge for kids being away from home. A guest’s general temperament is watched carefully to make sure they are getting enough rest. Medication administration is tracked by three managers every day to ensure proper dosing and follow up. If your furry one gets nervous being away from home we can suggest calming supplements to help them settle in to the environment. We cater to all kids and take special care with sensitive tummies or special diets. Let us know how we can prepare food the same way you do at home.

We encourage you to call anytime of the day or night for an update on your furry ones.

Suites can be customized to fit your individual needs. Let us know how we can make your dog’s stay the best ever.

Stop by for a facility tour anytime or visit our virtual page.

Daily Activity Options

Guests that stay in their suite during the day will be walked every two hours as a standard. This is a quick elimination walk that gives kids more access to the outdoors and allows them stretch their legs every two hours. This attention and high level of monitoring also provides more human companionship during the day. Again, this is our standard and there is no extra charge for this walk every two hours.

Guests that pass our temperament test may join the DayStay Program during a hotel visit. DayStay Program attendance is offered to hotel guests at a discounted rate from regular program fees. Guests that are able to exercise during the day will sleep much better at night. DayStay Program attendance is not required for hotel guests. Hotel guests will enjoy a mid-day break in their suites for a nap or lunch and rejoin the program for the afternoon. Additional fees apply.

We also offer Private Playtime. We understand that the group play environment is not for everyone. This option is for kids that will not be joining the group play environment due to health, behavior or breeding status.  Private Playtime is one on one play time with a DayStay Coach and is customized for each guest.  Playtime may include throwing tennis balls, chasing our jumbo balls or perhaps just cuddling and giving that extra individual attention. Additional fees apply.

It’s a Slumber Party!

BreedAbove’s NightStay Hotel Suites have become quite popular during holiday and peak travel times. We encourage early reservations to ensure your furry one will have a suite. When the individual suite rooms are reserved we turn other areas of our facility into sleeping areas; it’s a Slumber Party!

Slumber Party offers two types of environments. Dogs that are temperament tested and approved for Slumber Party in the Atrium Room will enjoy memory foam matting, comforters, beds and comfy pillows (just like a suite) but get to sleep with their buddies. It’s really like a slumber party! Partition sleeping is also used for super breed kids that do not enjoy a crate environment.

The second option is for kids that sleep better alone. We can offer an extra large crate (just under 3’X4’) for sleeping and eating. The crate also includes memory foam matting and a comforter for an added comfort.

Holiday and Peak Period Reservations

All NightStay Hotel Suite reservations require a one night, non-refundable deposit due at the time of the reservation. Please understand that if you cancel your reservation the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other services. The $55 deposit will be applied to the balance of the bill at the end of the hotel stay.

Let us know how we can help!