The Food Initiative

The goal of The Food Initiative is to create a standard by which we offer dog food and treats so that you can be certain that the foods we offer are safe and healthy for your dog:

The explosion of new dog food and treat products in the pet industry has created a whirlwind of questions and misdirection for pet parents.

This rampant growth has sometimes created sub-standard food resulting in recalls and sick dogs. It has also brought about a need for a better understanding of proper nutrition for dogs. We’re here to help you navigate the growing and changing world of dog food.

Quality Ingredients

  • All human grade ingredients from USA, Canada and New Zealand
  • Recipe mix has appropriate at-to-protein ratios for YOUR dog’s needs
  • Clean food processing methods
  • No artificial ingredients or dyes
  • No synthetic ingredients and no ingredients from China
  • Chelated vitamins and minerals for maximum nutritional efficacy

Palatability and Digestion

  • Appetizing for dogs
  • Appropriate digestive aids: probiotics and prebiotics

Corporate Competency

  • NO FOOD RECALL history in any of the products we sell
  • Nutritional transparency: 7% or lower ash content
  • Nutritional mission statement
  • Exceeding AAFCO Standards
  • Corporate Management

Lowest pricing, highest quality foods

We know every dog has unique nutritional needs. Ask us about supplements and whole nutrition for your furry omnivore.

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