BreedAbove DogLife® is a whole new approach to training and education that offers a wide variety of options in canine training, educational programs and seminars that will give you the understanding and tools you need to have the best relationship with your furry kids. DogLife® Sessions are structured to offer help in understanding and directing the beginning behaviors in puppies, the newly adopted adult dog and the senior dog. We offer a series of progressive group classes and seminars that provide a foundation of tools and knowledge to help you give your dog the best direction possible.

Dog Day Care Program

OneToOne DayStay Coaching

OneToOne DayStay Coaching is offered within the DayStay Program®. The goal is to help a dog achieve, or return, to what we call DayStay Level. This is also referred to as “playgroup level”. This means that a dog can enter into a playgroup of dogs, consistently defer challenges by other dogs and interpret dog language to socialize, play and exercise correctly on a predictable basis. OneToOne DayStay Coaching is similar to hiring a tutor for your human kids to help with a specific subject in school.

OneToOne DayStay Coaching

Learning Proper Greetings and Recall

Upon application to the DayStay Program®, the BreedAbove temperament test helps determine a baseline measure of the level of a dog’s social and exercise skills. The desired goal at the end of the test is that a dog be at DayStay Level. Some kids may need additional help to adjust to the group play environment. The OneToOne Coaching session will typically start with a short, focused walk to help associate obedience with reward. Rewards are treats, praise and play (fun). The Coach’s goal is to establish a strong bond with the dog to be able to get the dog’s attention and hold it. This is how we begin to establish recall. Once established, a dog is likely to control and regulate their thresholds of reactions in the group environment.

The introduction to the group is done slowly either inside or out in a controlled environment. Proper greetings begin with two to three dogs to establish a positive environment with the Coach in control and by the side of the dog at every second. Once a dog achieves successful behaviors with two to three dogs over a consistent period, we then slowly introduce additional dogs to the group.

Progress is identified when the dog achieves low reactivity when in group and can regulate the thresholds of their behaviors. Exercising and making good social decisions at the same time is a skill that does not come easy to every dog. In general, we hope to see a positive response in two to six OneToOne Coaching Sessions within a two week time period. Repetitive attendance in a short period typically produces better results and positive behavior change.

OneToOne DayStay Coaching

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OneToOne Coaching sessions are scheduled daily to occur during the DayStay Program® but do require an appointment. Additional fees apply.

At BreedAbove, we look at each dog as an individual and adjust the goals and parameters of Coaching and Training to their specific needs. Let us know how we can help.