DayStay Program®

Basic manner training, proper socialization and exercise provided daily in a fun, clean environment.

Exercise and Proper Socialization

The DayStay Program® at BreedAbove provides basic manner training, appropriate levels of play and exercise, temperament specific playgroups, and proper socialization for your furry kids. Participants follow a daily program that is matched to their needs and behaviors. We’re here to help support your home training routine and provide lots of love, hugs and treats throughout the day.

The DayStay Program® at BreedAbove is very different than other doggie day care programs. The DayStay Program® is focused on helping dogs learn how to exercise and socialize at the same time. When a dog can exercise and socialize in a group of dogs off leash they typically will have stable behaviors in your home and in changing environments. Basic manners are taught every day.

A Foundation of Positive Reinforcement

We use positive reinforcement training platform to guide and teach dogs to greet properly, to run and play appropriately, to self regulate their rest time and to not escalate to negative reactions.

We pay close attention to diet restrictions and sensitive tummies! Let us know about your dog’s special needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

DayStay Program

The Temperament Test

Every dog must pass a temperament test, have current vaccinations and submit a completed application prior to joining the program. Temperament tests are scheduled for Monday and Thursday mornings with drop off between 7am – 9am. The temperament test will last approximately four hours. You will be contacted with results when the test is completed. If your dog passes they are welcome to stay for remainder of the day. There is no fee for the temperament test but DayStay Program® fees will apply once the test is completed. We ask that parents pack a small ziplock baggie of treats your dog can tolerate, dry food is fine.  Completed application must be received prior to scheduling your appointment.  Please allow for a brief 15 minute interview to review the application.

Large Interior and Exterior Play Areas

Our facility features a large protected and fenced outdoor area that is attached to the building. Your furry kids can run and play under the careful supervision of trained BreedAbove Coaches. The heated and cooled interior DayStay Atrium Room features many partitioned areas and an impervious, anti-slip floor for indoor exercise and training.