New Clients

Steps to become a BreedAbove Kid:

1. Review BreedAbove Policies. Please make sure you understand attendance policies and proper vaccinations required.

2. Every NightStay, DayStay and DogLife participant and guest must fill out the Client Application in it’s entirety. Please download the PDF file, print and fill out all sections of the application.

3. Check with your Veterinarian to ensure you have the proper vaccinations.

4. If you want your furry one to join the DayStay Program (dog playgroup and learning environment) you must set up a Temperament Evaluation appointment. Every dog that joins the DayStay program must pass the Temperament Evaluation.

5. If you haven’t visited BreedAbove in over 6 months a new Temperament Evaluation may be required.

We look forward to meeting you and your furry kids!